UPCYCLING: Everyone has an old sheet, a t-shirt, or a piece of fabric laying around. Use something that you might otherwise cast aside. If it is a T-Shirt, you should be able to get two flags from one shirt. Use the rest for a rag to wipe surfaces in your house, or make fringe for your flag!

  •  CUT YOUR FLAG—SIZE: 11″x17″ Our flags will be eleven inches wide by seventeen inches tall. This will give you fifteen inches of workspace. Remember that the flag will go on a string, so you will need to leave 2 Inches on top to fold it over the string.
  • DESIGN: Design your flag however you want! This is your opportunity to share your vision of peace. Remember that they will be hung outside, use waterproof materials and paints. The flags should be able to weather some wetness and wind.


  • PAINTS AND MARKERS: We hope that you will do your best to use waterproof and non-toxic materials when you work. We want you to be safe, as well as consider the environment when creating art.
  • BUTTONS SEQUINS AND SPARKLY THINGS: if you apply things that could fall off, remember that we want to keep form leaving a trail. Fasten your decorations well!


  • If you have made more than one flag, or are part of a group effort, Feel free to string your flags! We are using strong cotton rope. The stronger the rope, the better.

At some of the peace flag parties, we will be sewing flags to the rope, so don’t worry if you can’t string yours up.

HAVE FUN! Work with friends, family and classmates. A project like this could inspire new friendship, you never know!

Woodstock Peace Flags c/o Rachel Marco-Havens PO Box 1483 Woodstock, NY 12498

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