There is a reason we are all calling for Peace On Earth…Because without Peace in our hearts, we cannot understand the need for a healthy planet, and without a healthy planet, we cannot find peace in our hearts.

Woodstock Peace Flags began as a way to collaborate with, One Voice Global and make art to raise awareness about the connection between Peace on Earth and Environmental crisis, but the initiative grew to continuing the strand indefinitely.

We see the threads of Peace Weaving together in these flags, which have already been a vehicle for awareness expression for different causes. In July, 2015, we made Peace Flags to raise awareness about One Million Footprints for Africa, an initiative to raise awareness about illegal poaching in Africa. We are about to add some flags to the Virtual Peace Flag String, that came in from Kenya in memory of the Garissa University Students we lost in April. In June, The Woodstock Peace Festival made flags and hung them at their fundraising event.

As you can see, Woodstock Peace Flags can, and will provide many opportunities to invoke creative expression to raise awareness!

Our relationships with eachOther and the Earth are interconnected.

The Woodstock Peace Flag initiative is shaping up to be a beautiful way to connect global communities and show the interdependence between those concerned about Peace on the Planet and those working to bring the Planet to Peace.

Woodstock may be a little town, but we have a big voice, and we are so honored to magnify the voices of beautiful people calling for peace from all over this generous planet we all call home!

peace flag 6

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